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As she sat alone in the dark forest at camp North Waters, a 13 year old girl became a songwriter. She'd been there for hours, absorbing the beautiful surroundings and doing her best to ignore her sore shoulders from ten days of portaging. It was in those woods that the words first came to her, accompanied by music that seemed to bubble up from some hidden place within. 

​At two years old, Emma was belting "O mio babbino caro" with wild opera like vibrato. At 3, she started violin lessons. Strangers at the park often found themselves confronted by a young girl asking what instruments they played. She just assumed all human beings were musicians, with a passion for the art equaling her own. At ten years old, she picked up flute, studying with her Mom. By the time she started highschool, she'd begun studying vocal performance as well. 

​Picking a college major was challenging. After all, Emma's love for art extends to poetry, creative writing, painting, and more. Eventually though, she received a scholarship to attend Columbia College Chicago as a "Bachelor of Music" candidate in The Contemporary, Urban, and Popular Music Program. While in Chicago, Emma played every venue available to her, and utilized every recording studio at her disposal. She even had the opportunity to record and perform with Ivan Neville and Cory Henry.

Emma also loves playing in her home state, and has performed at The Ark in Ann Arbor, Cliff Bells in Detroit, Aretha's Cafe in Detroit, Triple Goddess Tasting Room in Ypsilanti,  Ann Arbor Distillery, Vin Bar Ann Arbor, The Habitat at Weber's Ann Arbor, and debuted at the 40th annual Detroit International Jazz Festival.



​This next year is about taking a deep breath with her family and animals in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She is also taking the opportunity to study with Curt Peters, an incredible vocal coach based in Detroit, and is enjoying getting to perform throughout South East Michigan.

Emma is currently working on a full length album with Emmy Award producer Brian Brill at Attic Studios.

​When asked why she loves music, Emma replies; "It's the ability and need to share music that becomes so immense, words only convolute the process."

At only 23 years old, this gifted songstress is shaken by the roaring chaos all around. Faced with a planet in peril, a country in crisis, and an uncertain future, music is the only way Emma can make sense of the world and her place in it.  Everything seems to come together in the catharsis of melody and verse. "I want my voice to be heard and cut through the madness and frenzy of the world," she says. 

​Discussing her new album, Emma says, "it's all about discovery... I am putting more love and care into this project than ever before. "I want to find a deeper perspective within and wake up my authentic self. Success for me is to share my gifts and hope to provide a moment of repose to those who listen. Seeing smiles and tears let's me know I'm on the right track!"

​Emma's music is an amalgamation of ideas from folk, pop, and indie music, and has been compared to a meeting of Joni Mitchel, Regina Spektor, and Maggie Rogers.

"An up-and-coming artist with a fun dance track sure to get you hooked. She has studied in Chicago and is now working hard to release her first full-length album. She's got power behind her voice and meaning behind her lyrics."
-Rob Reinhart when introducing Emmas song 'If You Need To' on WDET 101.9FM's Essential Music Program


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